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AUGUST 26-28, 2022 ______


Tickets and passes for the 9th edition of Jazz at Bran Castle can be purchased from :

The pass is valid and grants access to all the festival concerts from August 26 to 28, 2022 – price RON 600.
The ticket for a concert - price RON 250.


It's not long until the Jazz Festival - JAZZ AT BRAN CASTLE, will start the 9th edition!

On three stages, in dream locations, there will be no less than 10 concerts that will bring together top names of the Romanian and foreign musical scene. Artists from 7 countries will give recitals that will take us through the world of Nordic, British, Italian, South American, and Romanian jazz. We will witness new projects, with many influences from non-jazz, experimental music, fusion, and rock. Romanian jazz has not been forgotten either: two of the best groups have announced their presence. Because we want to contribute to the promotion of local jazz music, access to the two concerts that will take place in the wonderful ROYAL PARK of Bran Castle will be free!

The group that will open the first night of the festival is CARLOS FISCHER BAND, from distant Bolivia. The compositions presented are full of emotion and musical stories that bring us close to the spirit of South America. The second band of the evening is OMAR SOSA & ERNESTTICO DUO. The two will join forces to support a musical treat, with strong Afro-Cuban influences.

Saturday will begin in the spiritual setting of the Evangelical Church in Rasnov. No one is more appropriate here than MATHIAS EICK QUARTET. Norway sends one of its most versatile trumpeters in whose music we discover the melancholy of the north. Norwegians will also open in the evening, on the stage of Bran Castle. HELGE LIEN TRIO proposes a concert with many influences of Scandinavian culture combined with elements of classical music. They bring compositions full of strength, melancholy and balance.

The second group, also Norwegian, is led by the same MATHIAS EICK, this time in a quintet format. MATHIAS EICK QUINTET will delight us with a series of compositions that combine a wide variety of styles caught in a homogenous bouquet, built as if to satisfy the demands of the most refined and demanding listeners.

The evening will end with a fabulous concert, given by HENRY SPANCER & JUNCTURE from the U.K. Jazz, rock and minimalist elements are combined to create songs of intense energy, with lyrical, evocative moments.

The first Romanian band that will delight the public in the ROYAL PARK will be CORINA SÎRGHI QUARTET. The five promise to bring on stage: “For all those who loved, (…) a little that urges us to love once more, and once again, and all the songs that will make up the repertoire of love, longing and sadness, these few elements that make us feel that we really live, will take you a little further from this world… ”

The second Romanian group is STEFAN STOIANOVICI TRIO. They will present us a music specially defined by its organic, modern character, but remaining faithful to the tradition of jazz and Western music in general. The concert will take place on Sunday, in ROYAL PARK.

On Sunday, on the eve of the evening, a group that does not need a presentation will take the stage: DANIELE DI BONAVENTURA TRIO. The distinguished bandoneonist will send us on a musical journey on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, a journey full of unique and unique musical surprises.

The festival will close with the well-known Swedish-Norwegian band - RYMDEN. The trio, at each appearance, successfully raised the audience to their feet. Possessors of a special dynamic, attentive to every sound detail, brilliantly combine the three instruments: piano, double bass and drums.

Press Release:

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ABOUT US ______

The Foundation was established by a very small group of music enthusiasts who had followed the high quality artistic scene from Romania and worldwide for a very long time. Being supporters, fans and contributors of the Garana Jazz Festival, the #1 event of its kind in S E Europe, the starting members noticed that not all exceptional concerts may take place into the wide open air set of Garana, but there is need for a more private venue. They believed that the inner court of the Bran Castle has the open air performance perfume, the beauty of the Atheneum and the acoustics of a professional recording studio, therefore this small in audience, great in public and line-up Jazz @ Bran Castle Festival was developed as Foundation’s first project. Not only jazz, but both contemporary and classical projects are performed, many as a premiere. Fusion, crossover and improvisation are on the menu. But mostly pure, sublime music. The artists from Jazz @ Bran Castle are all regular guests of the most important musical happenings from all around the world.

JAZZ Musicians ______

Paolo Vinaccia
Trygve Seim
Andreas Utnem
Palle Mikkelborg
Carsten Dahl
Paolo Angeli
Nils P. Molvaer
Geir Sundstøl
Vincent Peirani
Emile Parisien
D. Bonaventura
Mathias Eick





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