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AUGUST 27-29, 2021 ______


Tickets and passes for the 8th edition of Jazz at Bran Castle can be purchased from :

  • • The last tickets for the festival can be purchased starting with August 25, at the cashier of Bran Castle.
  • • Eventim online: BOOK TICKETS

The pass is valid and grants access to all the festival concerts from August 27 to 29, 2021 – price RON 600.
The ticket for a concert - price RON 250.

Access to the event is allowed according to the legislation in force to vaccinated persons (both documents are accepted, respectively the certificate or European "green passport"), of clinically tested persons (PCR test performed with maximum 72 hours before the event or rapid antigen test performed 24 hours maximum before the event) as well as of persons who prove that they have gone through the disease (maximum 180 days).


The Foundation Jazz Festivals & Events in collaboration with Compania de Administrare a Domeniului Bran are hosting the eighth edition of the festival Jazz at Bran Castle, scheduled from August 27th to August 29th, 2021, set, like the previous editions, in the inner courtyard of Bran Castle and in Râșnov Evangelical Church.

This year’s edition of the festival intends, amongst other, to bring to the public’s attention some musical projects less common, between the classical music and jazz, such as the project of Iskandar Widjaja, an Indonezian violinist, a classical musician with multiple recordings at reputable labels in his portfolio, in the same time the holder of jazz projects, in Duo with Itamar Golan, an Israeli pianist, wellknown for his recordings with Maxim Vangerov, Mischa Maisky, Barbra Hendricks and Berlin Philarmonic conducted bt Zubin Mehta.

In the first night, under same original note, the festival will host another concert, performed by Klaus Falschlunger, sitar and konnakol, and Luciano Biondini, an Italian accordionist who is returning to Bran after his first performance with Rabih Abou-Khalil. The duo will perform the albul “Once in a Blue Moon”,an interesting mix of indian music with folk and pop, full of poetry and fine humor.

To the same extent, the festival intends to bring to the public’s attention some recent jazz projects of the Scandinavian musicians, previously perfoming on same stage or other Romanian venues in various bands, such as the Trio of Alexi Tuomarila, a Finish composer and pianist, winner of the Emma Prize with “Sphere “, same album to be performed in the festival in the second evening, together with the trumpeter Kalevi Louhivuori

During the second night of the festival, Hakon Kornstadt will have a debute in the festival- after many performances in Romania- this time in a Trio with the famous ECM artists Mats Eilersten and Frode Haltli.

In the last evening of the festival, the French accordionist Jean-Louis Matinier, returns to Bran with an original project”Rivages” togather with quitarist Kevin Seddiki.

The Scandinavian famous group Rymden, a reputable and powerfull band of the last few years will perform their last recording.

In the baroque ambiance of the Evangelical Church of Râșnov, Alexi Tuomarila, Iskandar Widjaja and Itamar Golan will make new the sounds of profane music in the sacred interior of the church.

The most visited touristic venue of Romania, Bran Castle, will become again the Amphitryon of the international jazz.

The concerts shall take place from Friday to Sunday, starting at 7 p.m., hosted in the inner courtyard of Bran Castle and Saturday and Sunday, at 12:00 a.m., in Râșnov Evangelical Church.

The concerts’ schedule is set forth as follows:


7PM - Bran Castle

1)Iskandar Widjaja Duo
Iskandar Widjaja (Ge)- violin; Itamar Golan (Israel) piano

2) Biondini & Falschlunger “Once in a Blue Moon”2019
Luciano Biondini (It) accordion / Klaus Falschlunger(Ge) sitar

12AM - Râșnov Evangelical Church

Alexi Tuomarila (Fin) church organ; Kalevi Louhivuori) – (Fin) –trumpet

7PM - Bran Castle
1)ALEXI TUOMARILA TRIO feat. Kalevi Louhivuori) 'SPHERE' ( 2019)
Alexi Tuomarila (Fin)- piano; Mats Eilertsen(Nor) - doublebass Olavi Louhivuori (Fin)- drums – Kalevi Louhivuori (Fin)- trumpet

2)Håkon Kornstad Trio
Håkon Kornstad(Nor) saxophone- Frode Haltli(Nor) - accordion and Mats Eilertsen (Nor) double bass

12AM - Râșnov Evangelical Church

Iskandar Widjaja (Ge)- violin; Itamar Golan (Israel) –church organ

7PM - Bran Castle
1)Kevin Seddiki & Jean-Louis Matinier “Rivages” (ECM 2617)
Kevin Seddiki (Fr) –guitar ; Jean-Louis Matinier (Fr) – accordion

2) Rymden ( 2020)
Bugge Wesseltoft(Nor) – keyboards, electronics; Dan Berglund(Sweden)- bass; Magnus Öström (Sweden)– drums

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ABOUT US ______

The Foundation was established by a very small group of music enthusiasts who had followed the high quality artistic scene from Romania and worldwide for a very long time. Being supporters, fans and contributors of the Garana Jazz Festival, the #1 event of its kind in S E Europe, the starting members noticed that not all exceptional concerts may take place into the wide open air set of Garana, but there is need for a more private venue. They believed that the inner court of the Bran Castle has the open air performance perfume, the beauty of the Atheneum and the acoustics of a professional recording studio, therefore this small in audience, great in public and line-up Jazz @ Bran Castle Festival was developed as Foundation’s first project. Not only jazz, but both contemporary and classical projects are performed, many as a premiere. Fusion, crossover and improvisation are on the menu. But mostly pure, sublime music. The artists from Jazz @ Bran Castle are all regular guests of the most important musical happenings from all around the world.

JAZZ Musicians ______

Paolo Vinaccia
Trygve Seim
Andreas Utnem
Palle Mikkelborg
Carsten Dahl
Paolo Angeli
Nils P. Molvaer
Geir Sundstøl
Vincent Peirani
Emile Parisien
D. Bonaventura
Mathias Eick





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